Monday, June 2, 2008

Touch Web Pages to Search with RedZee and a SmartBoard or Tablet PC

Do you remember Tom Cruise working from a glass screen with fanned out images and how he touched, dragged and moved them around in the movie "Minority Report"?
Well, you can get a sense of that with a SMART Board , Promethean Board or Tablet PC and Tablet Mac and the Internet search engine Red Zee.
Red Zee pulls up search results as a series of full page images of the sites. They are fanned out like a deck of cards. By clicking and dragging the mouse, or your finger, you can scroll through the pages and then double-click on the one that you want and view it full-screen.
When I put in searches, the top ones were different than the ones I got on Google, but the results were interesting. A teacher on my blog list, Annemarie80's classroom blog does posts on how she uses the SMART Board in her classroom and RedZee is one of them.
All the best to you!


narrator said...

Oh, that is cool! Great find! Thanks.

anne marie said...

Thanks for the mention, Lon-- Redzee really is COOL!