Monday, June 16, 2008

EEG Frequencies Have a Use in Assistive Technology

I have been following developments in EEG frequencies and the use and application of them for AT for quite some time. I have my own project in development that utilizes dry sensors to trigger an on/off switch to control auto scanning through a switch interface. I know that we are just scraping the surface of what incredible things could be done with our brian waves.
BBC has an article, "Thinking Up Beautiful Music," that is on developing a way for disabled composers to write music merely by thinking the notes. The scientist in the story is working to develop the software to get the computer to recognize and second-guess the note that the user is thinking of in a creation.

It is fascinating stuff and there is a video on the link as well to watch. Frequencies are vibration and vibration and frequency is pitch, whether we can hear it or not. I believe our thoughts are literally music already. I am excited that someone is exploring the arts and thought-creativity. This is just another development that makes our future so exciting!

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