Monday, June 23, 2008

Bike First! Gives Bike Riding Lessons to Kids with Disabilities

Bike First is a program that helps children with disabilities learn to ride a bike. Whether a child fell and broke a limb and have fear to overcome or they have a physical or mental disability, Bike First! gives kids the opportunity to learn to ride. They have a one day quick start program that was this past Saturday. They had 53 children that were able to ride a bike successfully in the program that day.
Bike First also has 2, 5 day bike camps where the team works with children that have significant disabilities. This year's camps are full, but if you want to get on the early notification email list for the 2009 program, you can access that on their website. The life lessons these children gain and the confidence it instills by going through the program has been wonderful.

My guest tomorrow, Tuesday June 24th at 10:30 a.m. Pacific, Ellen Witham, is an active member of this group and will be sharing a little on the program as well as her experiences with AAC and developing communication with her son who is now almost 10 years old. You can hear Ellen's interview on Blog Talk Radio at the No Limits 2 Learning Live show or listen to the archive on the player on this blog's sidebar.

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