Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cosmonaut Stylus Great for Little Hands Writing on iPads

My New Find...The Cosmonaut Stylus is fat, comfortable, smooth to write and draw with, feels like a fat crayon, or maybe a dry erase marker?

Check this out:

"Hey have you seen this?"  a colleague asked while holding up a large black rubber-looking crayon. It was a Cosmonaut Stylus. He handed it to me and had me try it with my iPad. Love at first contact...the stylus is easy to grip and the point makes it much better to write and draw with than the round spongy tips that come on the end of the thin pen/pencil stylus tools.
If you work with students or have a child that needs a wide writing tool - similar to the big crayons for small children to color with, try the Cosmonaut Capacitive Stylus by Studio Neat. I even loved the old fashioned cardboard sleeve/box it comes in that makes the stylus look like an old rocket complete with a story about the early NASA and Russian Astronauts designing writing instruments for space.
I got mine on Amazon for $22.

Watch a COOL video where MisterRogers takes on a "field trip" to watch the Cosmonaut being made:

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