Monday, November 28, 2011

14 Apps for AAC, Part One

I have been getting requests for information on apps that use the iPad as a speech device. There are so many out there and I have compiled a list of 14 apps from free up to $190 that can be used as AAC. Some produce single hit messages, some are able to be customized boards and some are full-blown choice and phrase, sequenced talkers. The TapSpeak line now includes 4500 basic Boardmaker symbols. Some cost a one-time fee and some have annual subscriptions. I am splitting these up into 7 each post so you aren't blasted with too many at one time. I will also included links and costs to cases and key guard overlays. at the end.

Your suggestions and additions are welcome!

The following list of Apps converts the iTouch/Phone or iPad into an Augmentative device:

1. My Talk Mobile and Workspace. $39.95 with one year upgrade. Works with My Workspace to design and sync boards. $9 a month, $75 a year or $175 3-year. (My Workspace free to SLP’s with ASHA number) Has Lite version free.

My Talk:

You Tube:

2. First Then Visual Schedule, $9.99 from iTunes App Store. Has 1, 2 and 4 image screen modes and record your own sound and choose your own picture/symbol.

3. My Choice Board, $9.99 iTunes App Store. Prepare and save boards with up to 6 choices and ability to expand if needed. Board has a phrase “I want” and then images as choices with optional checklist. Images available from camera, Internet search or photo albums.

4. TapSpeak Sequence Standard, $29.99, iTunes App Store. Has re-sizeable and moveable visual targets, unlimited number of sequences, use your own images and drawings, un.imited phrase recording length and sequence length.

5. TapSpeak Sequence Plus, $49.99. Plus version includes 4500 image Mayer Johnson Boardmaker library for building sequences.

6. TapSpeak Button Standard or Plus, $14.99 or $49.99. Uses image of Big Mack or Big red button/jelly bean button on screen and overlays an image on it and recordable message activates when tapped. Standard uses your images, Plus uses Boardmaker library.


7. TapSpeak Choice, $149.99. Builds boards using Boardmaker symbols with speech window at the top to build phrases. Low to mid users.


Note: The TapSpeak apps can use the RJ Cooper/Ablenet Blue tooth wireless switches.

All the best!


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