Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Call for Free Software Drawing & New Projects in the Works

The Deadline to submit your blog for the free software drawing is extended until Wednesday, June 18th. I will announce the winner on Thursday, June 19th.
Today was supposed to be the day to announce the winner in our free software drawing from Learning Magic. I had some huge-sized attached files sent to me on email the end of last week that filled up my set file space on my email/web server so I couldn't send or receive any emails. I have cleaned things up and set my space quota higher so that shouldn't happen again...
Anyway... I know I missed some emails - so, if you had tried to submit your blog for the drawing and couldn't get it to me, try again. I will leave this for 2 more days - to allow folks time to get them in. If you were contacting me for any other reasons, like an AT Blog Carnival submission or correspondence about an interview on blog talk radio or a review, please re-send your email to me again at: It should work fine now - sorry for the inconvenience. I apologize.

New Projects: I am on summer break now, so I will actually have time to catch up on some leads from folks on new interviews, new software and web tool reviews, etc. I am so grateful to all of you that send me tips on things to look at, emails from companies that want to share resources for review, etc. All these things just allow for a more thorough look at what is happening around the world in AT.

I am looking forward to some major strides in what I am able to provide to readers in the future as I have some time to work this summer. Stay in touch and check-in even if you are on summer break too - there will be lots of good things coming...
I have an interview coming (date to be announced) with the founder of the gh Player, a player for DAISY files. He has an interesting story of how he developed the company and that should be fascinating.
I am working on an interview with Gayl Bowser and Penny Reed for July. Gayl and Penny are two incredible pioneers of the implementation area for AT, observation, evaluation and team building. They are sought after speakers nationally and happen to be Oregon-based so I have been able to spend time learning and gaining their wisdom. I am excited for that interview.
There are several more that I need to wait to tell you about until I firm them up better, but they should also prove to be very informative and challenging.

The June Edition of AT Blog Carnival submssion deadline is Friday June 27, so be thinking about what you would like to submit and share. The topic is wide open for you to share whatever you would like.
I am working on using the DAISY Pipeline tool for transferring DAISY XML files converted with the new MS Word add-in. As soon as I get that running smoothly, I will be sharing a tutorial on it. That is one of my goals this week. I'll try to get to it in between some yard work and enjoying the summmer weather.

Have a great week - All the best to you!


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