Friday, June 20, 2008

Developing AAC for Non-verbal Communicators

Going over emails a week and a half ago, I had one that really stood out from Ellen Witham, the new Oregon Dynavox sales representative: "I am going to be in your area over the next few days, have read your blog and would like to meet with you if at all possible." I happened to be free and emailed back and we set up an appointment.
Ellen, I found, has some interesting life experience that sets her apart from a lot of AAC and speech device sales folks. She has a non-verbal 10 year-old son that she walked through the entire communication readiness to speech device process with an SLP and the school disctrict, from when he was small. She knows advocacy, process, financial resources and how to look at the preparation for and implementation of a speech device from the ground up.
As we spent time that morning in my office, I heard a very qualified parent share how she became the Oregon representative for Dynavox. Because the position was open and she was referred by several SLP's, she applied - and got the job. We discussed various students in my region, their needs and her experiences. I was so impressed with her knowledge and experience as a parent, I asked her if she would share on the No Limits 2 Learning Live show on Blog Talk Radio.
I have set the show to be next Tuesday, June 24, at 10:30 am Pacific time. I will be setting up the segment and some more info over the weekend, but wanted to get the word out to you early. We agreed that although we will mention the Dynavox AAC system and plug the equipment, the REAL reason for the interview will be for her to share her story about her son, life-lessons and advocacy tips for parents. If you are or you know, a parent of a child that needs communication support, you will definitely want to tune in and check this interview out.
I will have more details on this interview on my Monday post.

Have a great weekend and all the best to you!



Thomas said...

I'd love to listen to this show, but unfortunately I am busy with other meetings at that time. Is there any chance that it will be recorded?

Thomas Nordén
Tobii Technology AB

Lon said...

It will be archived on the segement listing on the blog talk radio service in the No Limits 2 Learning Live area to listen to anytime and you can also download the file to have if you like at:
I have the Blog Talk Radio player and link to the show on my sidebar also.
Thanks for asking...