Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Assistivetech Social Network Site

Assistivetech, a social networking site that has over 400 members, is a perfect place to get your feet wet in the social networking web 2.0 world. There are many discussion threads, forums, opportunities to invite others and create a network of support and knowledge. Brian Wojcik has developed this very ambitious project that I stumbled upon last night while looking at some blog links on a side bar. Imagine how surprised I was when I saw Brian down in the corner as the developer of this network group!

At first glance, I was a bit overwhelmed. I thought, "I have hit a gold vein of AT information and resources that is like a dessert that is too sweet to eat unless it is in small bites." But when I set up my profile and filled out a comment to Brian (he has the AT Cubed Blog on my side bar), and added my "About me" post to the welcome discussion thread, I felt I had worked in a very user friendly environment. There was a good sense of community there. I would highly encourage you to add it to your networking resources. There is the opportunity to start your own group on a topic or start a discussion to find an answer to a question or problem you are having.

My efforts with my blog, the talk radio show and the AT Blog Carnival have been to connect with others in the AT field and learn from them, share what I know and challenge myself to do and be more in a professional way and in my ability to provide the best service possible to students. The Assistivetech social network will really help you move in that direction.

My hat goes off to Brian for his huge effort in getting this going. By the comments I read, Brian is held in high regard and has had a big influence on networking folks with AT experience. His efforts need to be acknowledged. I am going to see if I can coax him to share the project with us and what is going on there on No Limits 2 Learning Live - then we can hear his perspective on the benefits of web 2.0 for AT and instruction,

Thanks Brian!

All the best to you!



Kate said...

Has Ning gotten any faster? Last summer when it started it was soooo slllloooowwwww that I gave up on it. Is it still slow? Or is it worth trying to remember what my password was and going back again?


harini said...

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Lon said...

I haven't done anything to set up a network group with ning, but I have enjoyed Brian's AT group and found it easy to navigate around and it didn't seem slow - if that helps. I would definitely check in to the AT network group.
Also, thanks for the visitthebest link - I will check that one out!