Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ellen Witham on Lessons Learned as a Parent of an AAC User

Today on Blog Talk Radio, my guest will be Ellen Witham, a representative from the Dynavox Company, but also a mother of a soon-to-be-10 year-old that is a succesful augmentative communication user. I am finding more and more that there are parents who are now either in an assistive technology role as a profession or have become the CEO of some company they have founded because of the active role in advocacy and development to meet the needs of a spouse or child. These folks base their work on valuable past experience and can be a assett to us all if they are given a chance to let us hear their wisdom and lessons learned. That is my goal today with Ellen and I would encourage you to listen in on the interveiw. It should be very valuable and I will try to gear the questions towards the parents listening so that you can get some good tips and ideas.

(I am adding a note to this after the fact - We had some difficulty getting the call in from Ellen and so I spent a few minutes at the front introducing her and telling about future guests until she got through. The interview was GREAT - but...you have to hang through a couple of minutes while I get her on - so don't give up! Put it on and let it run in the background while you do something else and she will be on within the first 5 minutes or so. Sorry for the inconvenience. Because of the dynamic nature of the live stream, I can't edit and clip out a section - but I guess that is what happens sometimes with live recording. The interview went for about 45 minutes or so after that. You will not be disappointed!)
Here is the link to the segment archive.

If you miss the show this morning it will be archived in the segment listing above to listen to anytime. Until I have a new show, which is scheduled for Thursday, July 3 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific with Gayl Bowser and Penny Reed, AT pioneers, you can listen to the interview with Ellen on my sidebar here on the blog as well. It gets updated each new show automatically, so today's segment will be there awhile.
Hope to hear from you or hope you listen to the archive.
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