Saturday, June 14, 2008

Timely and Positive Response from DAISY Consortium

I had a wonderful experience with the DAISY Pipeline Development Team yesterday. If you read my post on my adventures using the new MS Word add-in tool and converting DAISY XML files to full DAISY files, you will know that there were some glitches in getting all the pieces downloaded and working. I was happily surprised to see a pleasant comment on my post yesterday from Romain Deltour, a member of the DAISY Pipeline Development Team. He shared that they will work on making it easier (more user friendly) and gave some ideas on how to work around the issues I had. Thank you Romain!
I am aware that companies and software groups are picking up on my tags and titles and that they are reading my blog posts. They share emails and comments with me concerning reviews on their products, so I try to be positive. I figure if something isn't working right for me, I don't need to ram it in the ground, so I try to be constructive and give folks an idea of what struggles I have or what I like to help in making decisions about what tools to use and how to make the best of them.
I am impressed with any company that seeks bloggers out after a post to share or give feedback. I think that is good marketing and smart policy. The folks out there doing that are to be commended. I wonder sometimes about those I never hear from after I share about their tools - maybe they haven't picked up on the trend to network and jump in to the blog and social bookmarking thing yet. I heard a new country star on TV from Nashville yesterday morning sharing her blog and My Space links on the air for fans to contact her - yep, she's part of the trend and it probably is working for her.
So, DAISY, I commend you for your great response time and want everyone to know about it. With that kind of response, I feel we are in good hands as you continue to develop these great print disability tools.

All the best to you!


Paul Hamilton said...

It is good to be heard, and to make a positive difference!

Lon, I've been trying unsuccessfully to email you for the past few days. I've tried 4 times from 2 different email addresses at my end, but nothing is getting through to you. I thought you would want to know because I may not be the only one who is having difficulty.

I've tried from phamilton @ setbc dot org and from paul dot freeresources @ gmail dot com



Lon said...

Hi Paul,
Sorry about the glitch - I had a software company send me a huge attached file that filled up my file space. I have fixed it and everything is running fine now. I will email you too.
Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good words and your positive attitude!