Monday, March 10, 2008

You are a Valuable Resource

I wanted to take a minute tonight to reflect on my day and say that I appreciate all of you even though I have not met you. I don't know the actual profile of folks, but I can guess that many of you are parents, therapists and educators. I can only say THANK YOU for your dedication and committment to working with children to make their lives better.

Today I was in a small town and sat in on 3 high school classes. I saw a level of patience, integration of technology and dynamic teaching that made me realize how fortunate these kids were to have these people - no... heroes - teaching them.

As I put a face on all of you that read this blog, represented by the Cluster map dots, I see in my imagination, hundreds of you that are probably giving 110% all the time for kids. You are making a difference, even though you might not think so. I wish I could come visit your schools, your homes, see your culture and learn what you do. You have an abundant knowledge that I wish I could share. You are a valuable resource and your experiences make you unique. There will never be anyone else like you and I celebrate you!

I hope that your week is full of wonderful surprises that make you realize how valued you are. If you don't hear it from anyone else, you are hearing it from me. I KNOW it and BELIEVE it!

I get emails from some wonderful people, and they share stories of where they live and what they do. I would LOVE to hear from more of you. I apologize that for some reason, my new domain name and email address that go along with this blog are not working. You can always email me at my other domain email:

Until I get things figured out for the nolimits2learning email, I guess I need to be flexible. If you are getting an undeliverable message then that's why. Hopefully it will be straightened out soon.

I want to thank you for visiting and reading...

All the best to you!


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