Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Alphasmart Neo with Write-Outloud To Go

I have 3 students currently using this combination. These are lower cost items that provide speech generation for students that can type. By using the files to save conversation topics, students can open and access a topic and use the stylus to select and "play" the text.
The Neo and Write Outloud To Go package runs about $700 for everything and can be a big price difference for accomodating communication for some kids rather than a $7,000 high-end dynamic display device.

We have had to look at students individually, trial the equipment and make sure it made sense for them. Some students may not be capable of managing the reading and writing prerequisites needed to get full-advantage of the unit. They might need a picture-based unit like a Tech Talk or Go Talk.

In order to have the Write Outloud To Go have speech output you have to attach a speaker to it with the headphone mini-jack. The software was designed to allow student writers to have text to speech support while working with headphones on. I have adapted it as a communication device by attaching a pair of Sony speakers you would use with a portable CD player or ipod. They don't need batteries and fit together. There is another little mini-jack speaker that is for an ipod, takes batteries and is very possible as a sound source. Both are pictured below.

The white set is from: Look for ipod speaker items.

Check out the Alphasmart Neo with the Write Outloud To Go bundle on the Don Johnston site at:

Check out the Afford-a-Speech also as another alternative at:

Don Johnston's website has a free download checklist of items to learn in initial training to use the Write -Outloud To Go HERE. It opens with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Here are the speakers I use. There are some portability issues though.

These below might be better. I don't know how loud they are.

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