Thursday, March 20, 2008

Saving A Voice Before It's Lost: A Voice Archive

The Tango! Has a Voice Archive Software Feature

"It is looking like this will be a terminal situation," I said over the phone this afternoon when I spoke with Josh from Blink Twice, the Tango! company. I had been in a high school earlier today and had been setting up an AT evaluation for a boy that needs more communication support and is losing more motor skills. Just 2 weeks ago, a meeting was set up with the family to share how we can support. I was now on the phone talking about the option of the Tango for another student, when I thought about sharing this new case that has been on my mind - and in my heart lately.

"We can ship one out to you for a trial, " said Josh, "I'll get the forms sent to you."

I wasn't sure. "I am hesitant to try something that we can't follow-through on and provide. I don't want to get hopes up and then take something away." I replied. "There is a sense of urgency on the case managers part to work on getting his communication figured out while he can still tell us things he wants. When he loses his voice it will be harder. When he loses his motor skills it will be even harder yet."

"Gotcha," Josh understood. "Maybe we can try something else. There is software for the Tango to program and set up files. There is a sound file application to it. If you wanted to get a high quality microphone and record things he wants to say, they can be saved as files and stored until later when they can afford a device and then those files can be put on it so he can use his voice to talk even after his real voice is gone."

I was overwhelmed. I couldn't imagine what it would mean to me to have my son's voice recorded and on a device where I could still hear him talk after he couldn't say anything anymore. To be able to hear him say, "I love you, Daddy" when he wanted to say it with a device, would be incredible. How much more would it mean to me if I were the one losing my voice and I could talk now and record what I wanted so it would be there later? Priceless.

Josh is sending me the software. Meanwhile, I am going to begin to look for some sources of income to get this boy his voice. Maybe we can get this for him soon and he won't have to wait until his voice is gone to get it.

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