Friday, March 14, 2008

"No Limits to Learning Live" Talk-Radio is Coming!

No Limits to Learning Talk Radio is getting set to launch soon. I am getting my "ducks in a row" for scheduling guests and getting them launched live. They will be during the day, so if you are interested in listening live, you can, or you can always pick up the audio archive later at the link below or the sidebar player.
I am scheduling interviews now for the next couple of months. These interviews will be recorded live over the phone with a cool radio application called "Blog Talk Radio." I am really looking forward to these shows. I have put the player on the side-bar and it should be listing latest shows as soon as they are released, so when you visit, just check there to see what is playing.

My planned interviews are listed on my Blogtalk radio link at:
(The area there has a great social networking feature with blog posts, links, IM links, email, etc. It will be fun for you to link there as well as here to catch some of the different things I will post that have to do with the shows.)

List of guests so far:
  • Intellitools Classroom Suite Company
  • Blink Twice Tango! Company
  • Gayle Bowser, AT Pioneer and guru
  • Various therapists and parents who are using AT and doing great things.
  • I am working on an interview with the speech therapist Carol Reese and Taylor who got his voice last Christmas too. The Blink Twice Company would like to do a series of videos with Taylor for their website and I will be helping in the taping of those over 8 weeks this late spring - so life is going to be busy!
There is the capability for you to call in when I do these shows for your comments. I can set up a schedule on this blog or you can go to the link above so you can call in and ask the guests or myself questions. I am VERY excited about this add-on to the blog and hopefully will have something ready and up by the end of next week. I will still maintain the podcasts and can do interviews there as well, but this blog talk-radio site allows the call ins, opening music, etc. It should be real fun so keep checking in - there are lots of things in store here over the months ahead.

All the best to you!


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