Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Documentaries Highlight Families' Experiences with Autism:

I got this article off of a news subscription I get and I thought the shows were worth passing on. Unfortunately the first one, "Autism: The Musical" was on HBO last night and I didn't read the articel until this morning. If you saw it, let me know how it was. The Sundance Channel documentary on April 2 looks interesting There isn't much on this topic so I'm glad when I see something offered. I just hope it is a true representation of what's really happening in these families' lives.

Documentaries highlight families' experiences with
"Autism: The Musical" is just one of three new documentaries on autism that look squarely at people with autism and those who care for them. In "Autism Every Day," parent and former CNN reporter Lauren Thierry follows eight families with autistic children for 24 hours. The film will air on April 2 on the Sundance Channel. "Her Name Is Sabine," recently released on DVD, focuses on a French actress' 38-year-old sister, who was institutionalized for autism and took a dramatic turn for the worse.
Los Angeles Times (free registration) (3/25)

Taken from: Council for Exceptional Children Smartbrief - You can sign up for it free here.

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