Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Voices for Tango! and Interview Coming Soon

New Tango Version and Voices
I received an announcement today from the Blink Twice Company that makes the Tango! that they have two new teen voices available, Dan and Danielle. These voices are very realistic and are new options as character voices to choose from with version 2.0 for the device.

Version 2.0 allows direct connection to a computer to use the device as a keyboard and to browse the Internet. With Tango Lab, the new computer software interface that I have been sharing about for voice file storage for use later with the Tango, you have new ways to edit and design the communication power of the device.

I have contacted the company for an interview with Richard Ellenson the CEO and inventor of the Tango and we are in the process of setting up that date. We are looking at the first couple of weeks in April. I have asked a speech therapist I work with and a student that is using the device to be on the interview too so we can all talk on a conference call. It will be on the Blog Talk Radio site as soon as I get it done. If you have any questions about the device that you would like me to ask, please email me with them and I will see if I can work them in. I am excited about this and I am planning other interviews with AT company folks in the future.

I hope you are having a great week. I am thankful for all of you that read these posts regularly.


All the best to you!


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