Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The First AT Blog Carnival. Call for Bloggers to Share Posts

I am Happy to Announce the First AT Blog Carnival is Ready for Submissions:

Here is an opportunity for you to share how you use AT and invite folks to your blog site and increase your traffic and visitors! I would love to see a budding community of AT bloggers that can support and share. I know some of you have blogs because you have shared them with me.
The first blog carnival submission deadline is this Friday. You can write a post on how you use AT and then send it to me via email or click on the sidebar AT blog Carnival block ad below and submit through there.
I had to do this first one sooner than I wanted, but the main carnival service site requires a deadline time for a first blog carnival to get it going so they know folks are really doing them and not just creating dead categories. After this first one, there will be another for April that will give us a whole month to collect blog post link submissions.
If you are interested in hosting one of these, it is a great opportunity to get a lot of folks coming to your blog to read everyone's links. My goals are:
1. To see a variety of submissions.
2. To see other AT and disability bloggers host an edition as a post with links on their blog.
3. See a community of bloggers that use, teach, do therapy, are new to and want to learn about or have experiences to share with assistive technology.
4. Build a support community where we can set up an edition on a topic i.e. text to speech applications, and get a wealth of posts to gain information and new ideas.

I welcome your submissions on this first topic, "How You Use AT".
The Home Blog for the guidelines, edition schedule, etc. is here and on the sidebar ad below:
You can submit a post here:

All the best to you!

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