Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Edjurist Accord: Another Educational Law Resource

Educational Law Blogs are an Important Resource
Justin M. Bathon, author of the Edjurist Accord, an education law blog in Indiana, posted an article on the importance of educational law information blogging as a resource for parents, specialists and educators. Justin is an Associate Instructor at Indiana University - Bloomington where he teaches educational law. He got his J.D. and Masters of Educational Administration from Southern Illinois University in 2005.
Justin has a wonderful resource and it is evident that he has put many hours, days, weeks, and months of time into developing his resources. I would like to link his article on his blog that directly relates to my post on Special Education Law HERE.
I am putting his blog on my "Blog Family Sites" list also, where you can access his blog homepage and link to it or subscribe.
The Edjurist Accord link is HERE.

Thanks Justin for your efforts and comments.

All the best to you!

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Timberland Teacher said...

Thanks for the kind words, Lon. You keep up the good work as well. Before I started teaching education law in universities to ed. leadership students like yourself, I was a teacher and I also consulted for the Illinois State Board of Education in training their special education due process hearing officers ... so I know how important the work that you are doing is to the lives of children. And the fact that you are willing to share tips and experiences is great and really helpful. I added you to my aggregator and I will keep an eye on the posts here. Your parent advocacy series was especially good. Nice bumping into you today, Lon.

And sorry for the picture and the "teaching in timberland" thing, that is a fake blog I use for teaching about teacher speech.