Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ghotit Adds Text to Speech to Spell Checker

I have been sharing the tool, Ghotit, which is an online spellechecker since I had the inventor and CEO, Ofer Chermish, on No Limits 2 Learning Live several months ago. This spell checker is designed to assist the dyslexic in correcting words in their written text by having the Ghotit site up on the screen in the background, and copying and pasting text in, doing the check and the right-clicking words that are red (for misspelled words) and blue (for suspected misspelled words.)

Ghotit has started offering a free addition to the already free online tool. A text to speech engine can be downloaded so that when you are on the site, you have some extra buttons that operate the text to speech. This enables you to hear the errors made through the mis-pronunciation. The new buttons are a talk button and a settings button. The settings button sets the speech voice you want to use from a pull-down menu that of choices already on your computer, the language, rate and volume.

The text to speech addition adds another aspect to this helpful tool that will specifically identify errors for the dyslexic writer. If you have issues with spelling, you might want to check it out.

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