Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dyslexia and High School Post Shares Ideas

Melinda Pongrey had an article she wrote on LD OnLine, it was reprinted as a post on LD Live!with ideas for modifying tasks and incorporating learners that are dyslexic. The post really brought out that many of the instructions and commands that we would usually give students in a classroom can be impossible to a dyslexic student.
The Article, "LD Online: Dyslexia and High School", lists some teacher instructions that Melinda took notes on during a lesson. She notes why the directions were hard for the student and what the options are to reach the needs of the student. I found it very invaluable and plan to pass it on to teachers I work with.

All the best to you!

I will be taking Monday off on the blog for Labor Day weekend. For all our U.S. readers - have a good three-day weekend.


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anne marie said...

Double back at ya-- you have a great weekend also! You deserve a little family fun time- ENJOY!!
anne marie

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Thanks for putting our article from LD OnLine! your blog. We are always trying to serve our users and encourage everyone to explore the rest of the site.

Again, thanks.

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