Friday, August 8, 2008

Get Updated on Special Education Posts and Effective Teaching

Great resources can be found through Teaching Effectively! & Special Education Today
Teach Effectively! is a blog resource that has a focus on evidence-based teaching methods for students at risk or with disabilities. Written by John Wills Lloyd Ph. D., this blog has some excellent resources on RTI and great posts. It is another great way to support your continuing information on best practice in education for diabilities.
John has also started a news feed site dedicated to Special Education called Special Education Today. He has based this on a newsletter he put out over 20 years ago. With the effectiveness of the RSS feeds now days, he can pull daily posts together and have them go directly to his aggregator. I have put Special Education Today on my Google Blogs tab on my Google Desktop so I get a daily update. It is a nice addition to my feeds and also gives me resources to share information through my blogs, etc.
I am putting both links on my blog lists today for you to check through as well. I am putting the Special Education Today link in my important links I support, and the Teach Effectively link in My Blog Family.

AT Blog Carnival for August:
Because of the crazy time of year for all of us in education, I am going to let the AT Blog Carnival take a break for August and we will start up fresh in September with a back to school theme.
Anyone who has reflections on the starting up of a new year, a new student they receive, a new tool for the year, etc. can submit them to me anytime at
If you are not in education and just a blogger on AT in general, maybe you can submit a review of something or an experience that will compliment, even if not directly.
I will collect submissions and build our back to school edition for the end of September. More to come on that as September rolls around. Can you believe it?

All the best to you!

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