Saturday, August 16, 2008

Follow the Stories: New AT Projects Gear up as Summer Gears Down

AT Story Threads:
Personal stories will be a big part of my fall as I start back into projects for the school year. I have received a lot of comments in the past based on the stories and ideas I pass along from real cases I am involved in. Of course the names and places are not shared, but the concepts and ideas can possibly be a help to others. When I do this, I also get some nice suggestions either in the comment section or in an email on things to try. This helps me out and I appreciate them!

Some of the projects I already know about are:
1. Implementation of a grant for AAC equipment and training in Early Childhood Special Education classrooms
2. Starting 4 new students on dynamic display devices, one first grade, the others in middle and high school.
(Too bad the high schoolers weren't on track a long time ago - but we are getting there.)
3. Starting a research study on the effects of AT on remedial support for Title I reading following federal guidelines for research-based instruction.
4. Getting an entire high school off the ground with UDL tools through the Premier Literacy grant program for free software (this one just popped up in the last couple of days).
5. Setting up UDL and K3000 in another high school.
6. Beginning to support a TBI high school student who is coming back to school this fall.
7. Trainng for the Oregon TBI Team for the 2008-09 school year. (I will be sharing thoughts and information from these sessions)
8. The continuation of sensory assessments and switch access for a multiple disability learner in elementary school - patterned after Jane Korsten's book on this topic, "Every Move Counts".

...and for every one I remember, there are probably 2 I am forgetting as I brainstorm these at home this Saturday morning. These will be some of the projects I will be sharing with you as they develop over the fall, so check in often if one of those projects interests you specifically.

More on No Limits 2 Learning Live as well...
I have 2 very exciting interviews getting lined up right now on AAC with a couple of the developing specialists that work with Dynavox. One will share on the InterACT system and the other on assessment of AAC use and entrance levels. I have scheduled a couple who have designed a phone access system for those with speech disabilities that I am excited to share with you the end of September.
In November we will be starting to showcase some students in Baja Mexico that Mobilize Mankind are working with as well as pictures and video. gh Accessibility CEO, David Schleppenbach has agreed to return to do a part two on UDL and print disability issues, and Steven Timmer from Premier Literacy will also share on print disability strategies and tools sometime this fall.
I love to see things take on a life of their own, and the talk show has its' own momentum building as the contacts develop naturally. I am thankful for that and hope the folks that step into the forefront and share are helpful to you. I would like to get more clinicians and parents on as well.

Have a great weekend. All the best to you!


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