Monday, August 11, 2008

Ed Week Special Education Blog for Updates and News

Christina Samuels writes the Special Education Blog, "On Special Education" for Education Weekly News. The blog is free to access and she does some great posts that comment on special education issues.
Her August 6, 2008 article on RTI and state initiated trends gives a good picture of evidence-based instruction and trends in using this to identify potential students that qualify for special ed. There is no permalink for this post but if you go to the August 6 date, you will find the post on the link above. She referred to the RTI Action Network which is a great resource for RTI.
I have put this blog on my Important Links because it contains information that we all can use to keep us current with what is happening in special education nationally. I know that these trends impact my assistive technology work and what I do in relationship to school districts, special ed programs and students.

AT Summer Institute at the Oregon Coast this Week:
I am in Seaside, Oregon this week teaching on designing interactive activities and switch access as well as connecting state-wide and meeting some of the vendors. I am taking my podcast equipment with me and hope to do a few live recordings while there that might showcase some interesting topics. If I get something good, I'll share it with you.
I have a post on Libravox and one on a new Ghotit! addition this week, plus sharing on things at the conference so keep checking in.

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