Monday, January 12, 2009

Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI): New Look, Great Resources

Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative or WATI, has been a great resource. I have used their consideration guide as a handout to sped case managers so they have something to look at as they think about low, mid and high tech AT. I can't be at every IEP meeting and oftentimes the team isn't sure yet whether or not they need me. The guide helps kick-start the discussion and give ideas in my absence.

There are some nice documents and guides in the free resources area. The WATI Assessment materials (Student Information Guide, Consideration Guide, Environmental Observation Guide, AT Planning Guide, and AT Checklist) are used throughout the United States. The consideration guide and the AT checklist have been especially helpful. They are both within the packet of materials - the WATI Assessment materials. Download the whole set to get the components for consideration. WATI has updated the site and it looks terrific and their links are set up nicely.

When I was a Closing the Gap in Minneapolis last October, I ran into the director of WATI in the exhibit hall and we talked about the site. I had heard it is their last year of grant funding and I wanted to know if the online materials would still be available if their funding ran out. The director shared that she had been working hard to get the new site up and hopes to continue the archive of materials. We discussed having her on No Limits 2 Learning Live - Blog Talk Radio, and I am going to set up a time to have WATI share with us.

In the meantime, take some time to head over to WATI and checkout their resources. If you like what you see, send a friendly email to WATI and let them know how important their materials and services are outside Wisconsin. We can all use a little WATI!

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Rebecca said...

I would love to share the consideration guide with my graduate students in my AT course. . . but I could not find a copy on the WATI website --- what am I missing??

Lon said...

Hi Rebecca,
Sorry for any confusion. The consideration guide is a component within the AT Assessment materials Packet. The URL to download it is:

The consideration guide forms are at the beginning of the packet. I give teachers that and also the AT Checklists to look at as a companion to the consideration guide. The AT Checklist is a set of pages near the end of the packet.
Hope this helps...