Thursday, January 8, 2009

High Tech Helps Autistic Kids Communicate on NBC Video

I was excited to see a human interest story on the Los Angeles NBC affiliate news this past weekend. The Hope Technology School in Palo Alto, CA was featured. The video showed students combining their use of a Lightwriter for text to speech communication and the new HP TouchSmart touchscreen PC.
After watching, I explored links to both the school and the technology and found the video to share with you here. I want to look into the program being used on the TouchSmart. If anyone knows about it, please share a comment on it with us.
Enjoy the video!

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Lynn V. Marentette said...


I'm a school psychologist who owns an HP TouchSmart. The application used in the video comes with the system. It is called "Notes". You can write or draw with your finger, or type via a keyboard on "stickies" notes. The notes easily move about the screen. You can add your voice to the notes, too. It is pretty cool.

I work with students who have autism, so I plan to bring my TouchSmart to school soon and see how the "Notes" application works!

Lon said...

Thanks Lynn,
I suspected it might be an internal application. How great that you have one. I can see a lot of potential in this for students. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn V. Marentette said...

You might be interested in contacting "geek tie guy", the person responsible for developing some of the HP TouchSmart applications.

Geek Tie Guy

Morgan said...

Below is a link describing the "Notes" application on the TouchSmart.