Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NEA Read Across America January Free Download and kidthing Dear Mr. President Contest

It's time to share the free download on kidthing for January. This one is a wonderful word search, Winter Wonders Word Activity. You can personalize the word list and do the timed activity. "The Four Seasons" plays in the background and you hear sleigh bells gliss as you drag the mouse over the word. Each word gets crossed off in the right column when it is discovered. You can play again or go to the next level. You can also print off a copy to use with paper and pencil.

The monthly NEA Read Across America downloads are only available if you enter a code in the store search window. You have to download the player from the kidthing NEA link: http://www.kidthing.com/nea It asks you for your school and school email to register. When you download, you will be given a code.

I love kidthing and it just gets better all the time. My son plays it a lot and has quite a selection of books he can read and have read to him. A switch and a switch interface USB can allow for a switch hit to turn pages as long as the mouse cursor is positioned on the corner of the page where the flap is.

If you haven't downloaded the free player and explored the catalogue of titles, please give it a try. You download titles and activities, then go off the Internet so it is kid safe.

Dear Mr. President:

For a limited time, kidthing is running a campaign to collect kid's art on President-elect Obama to present the White House with a book. It will then be available on kidthing. If you are interested in more details, check this out and check into it online at the kidthing store - accessible after you download the player.

All the best to you!


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