Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ablenet "Impulse" Offers New EMG Access Switch

Ablenet's new Impulse Switch offers a wireless EMG switch that is the closest thing to imitating a thought frequency switch through an EEG. I have been exploring the EEG switch idea for over a year and every time I see something new like this I think, "Someone's done it!" Well, not yet, but this comes mighty close. Instead, it senses small volitional muscle twitches and movement anywhere you need to place the device. It uses sensors that have a sticky side which attaches to the skin. They are disposable ( a pack of 120 is $90) and I don't know the wear on them as to how long they will last.
The switch comes with software that converts the signal to a switch hit/mouse click. This can integrate with software and tools you already own to communicate, write, do research online, shop, etc. The complete set up is $2100.

The Impulse switch:

The Impulse is equipped with Bluetooth for wireless access and can work up to 30 feet. The switch comes with a receiver for the computer.

Ablenet lists these Product Features:
  • Allows user to completely control their computer using any muscle with voluntary control.
  • Wireless connectivity allows your caregivers to attend to your needs without being hampered by wires or disturbing switch alignment.
  • Wireless connectivity allows you to remain connected to the computer even while being transported short distances (such as to the bathroom).>
  • Bluetooth Class II connectivity up to 10 M (30 feet)!
  • No wires means the Impulse looks better cosmetically than many other similar switches available today.
  • Wireless Active Electrode design gives Impulse ultra clean EMG signals and greatly reduces interference.
  • Incredibly fast response time (<30)>Integrated with major Speech Generation System Providers.
Ablenet is working on getting some demo video up soon so check back with them to see it in action.
Impulse is available for ordering on-line here.
Shipping January, 2009

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