Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kurzweil and NFB Release New Reader

New Reader from Kurzweill Due out this summer.
The new KNFB Reader is a smaller light-weight device that is very accurate. When I was at my state meeting, we watched a video on it and how it works. You can watch the video HERE.
The site says: "The knfbReader Mobile and kReader Mobile software packages run on a multifunction cell phone that allow the user to read mail, receipts, handouts and many other documents wherever the user happens to be. "Although it is a spendy item, (I am hearing around $2,000) if it was a major piece of your access in life it would be worth it. It was featured on CNN's "The Next Big Thing"(One of the featured videos).

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts.

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narrator said...

When I played with this at CSUN I thought it was extraordinary device. Unfortunately, buying it now means you are paying a 300% premium over what similar solutions will cost a year from now. If it is vital to have this (over, say, using ScanR with a newer Blackberry or iPhone or HTC Touch), then it is worth the money. If you can wait for the next generation of hardware and software, I'd wait.