Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Horton Hears A Who is Free Virtual Book on Kidthing

"Horton Hears a Who" is the new free offering from Kidthing. One of my most popular posts that keeps getting read on my site is my post on "The Lorax" as the free book download on Kidthing. I feel bad because the free downloads change and unless you buy the book, the free ones are gone when the promotion is over. So, I have folks coming to my blog to find that the Lorax is no longer free. Well, at least Kidthing offers new titles each month or so, so you can enjoy another download for awhile.
To read my review of the Kidthing site, go to my old post "The Lorax Free on Kidthing". HERE
I love the site and I think it is a very economical way to buy talking story books for kids. I was a collector of all the Walt Disney Records with the big books built in when I was a kid - still have them and play them for my son from time to time. This IS the wave of the future. The company has invested a lot in the site and I think it is going to pay off. Check them out. I have asked them if the CEO would like to be interviewed on No Limits to Learning Live - but haven't heard back yet. Maybe we will get them on one day. I would love to hear their vision and share on childrens literature through text to speech.
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