Friday, May 16, 2008

Dyslexic Spell Checker "Ghotit" CEO Live from Israel

No Limits to Learning Live will stream live from Israel with Ofer Chermesh Tuesday, May 20, 10 a.m. Pacific Time.
The phone rang this morning and I heard a warm voice greet me. Ofer was calling on a pre-arranged call to discuss his company and online service, "Ghotit" for "Got it". I had no idea where he lives and as we began to discuss time changes, it came out that he was calling from Israel! I am always amazed at how the Internet truly makes us a global community.
We had a great visit over his early frustrations with being dyslexic and the avoidance of writing. As an adult, Ofer had to overcome these frustrations in order to succeed. He is an accomplished professional with a background in management and marketing. He believes that having a spell-checker tool specifically designed to solve the unique problems of dyslexic writers gives them the support they need to be able to be on a level playing field with others in the work-world.
We discussed future plans, his vision, mission statement and his philosophy on success vs. limitation and generally got to discuss our families, goals, how the software was designed - even the unique Hebrew meaning behind his first name (you will have to listen to find that one out!)
Please don't miss what I GUARANTEEE to be an inspiring and rewarding investment of your listening time. I will post another reminder on my blog next week and it will also be on the sidebar as an archive after the interview. There will also be promotional links, a program segment description and blog post on the Blog Talk Radio site.
Ofer extends his personal invitation to you to call in during the live stream if you have any questions or comments for him so go to the No Limits to Learning Live area and click on the program segment to call in the morning of the streamed broadcast. If you visit the blog talk radio site and enjoy the interviews, give me a star rating to help out my ranking there. I would appreciate it!
All the best to you!

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