Monday, December 1, 2008

Don Johnston, Wednesday on Talk Radio, and Finding a Foothold: Opening Discussion on FCTD

Don Johnston on his book "Building Wings", will share with us on No Limits 2 Learning Live - Blog Talk Radio, Wednesday, December 3, 2:00 PM Pacific.
I have started a kick-off topic for December at The Family Center on Technology and Disability.
Finding a foothold, to me, means setting up a piece of data, a test, a legal mandate that applies to the situation, or any other anchor than can initiate a positive push towards FAPE for a child in the school setting. You have to have something tangible that starts off an exploration of services for a child - with credibility.
I share on the discussion thread a situation where there is a breakdown of advocacy on part of the family and communication and accountability for mandates on the part of the school in another state. We are discussing teams, advocacy, school/parent partenrships, etc.
You can read my topic and opening statement and jump into the conversation - or just read what folks share. Come join us this month!
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I will be continuing my gift idea list in the weeks ahead so please send ideas to me via email if you have any...
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