Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful for New, Exciting Happenings with No Limits 2 Learning

Since it is Thanksgiving weekend here in the United States, I thought I would share with you how thankful I am for YOU as readers. I have enjoyed a wonderful year as I have started on this journey after my stroke and rehabilitation. I never thought that my passion and energy for this blog, a site and AT information would lead as far as it has. I have worked hard to write informative and personal posts and I thank all of you that are regular readers. You are appreciated for all that you do to meet the needs of those with disabilities.
I shared that I had some BIG news, well, there are two items:
Don Johnston will be my guest on No Limits 2 Learning Live, next Wednesday, Dec. 3, at 2:00 PM Pacific time, to talk about his book, Building Wings and student self-advocacy issues. I am thrilled to have this opportunity! More to come as it approaches next week.
FCTD Newsletter for October/Discussion for December:
I will be co-moderating for the Family Center on Technology and Disability - a site sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Education, on school-family partnerships and child advocacy for the month of December. The Discussion thread won't be up on their site until Dec. 1, but you can go there to read and comment towards the discussion if you want. You don't have to create an account, make up a name, etc. if you don't want to. You can read and comment without it. I will have links and more information on it next week.
I am also thankful for the FCTD October newsletter which featured myself and the issues surrounding accommodations and modifications for students, access to curriculum and AT in the General Ed classroom. If you didn't get to read it, you might want to check it out.
AAC gets an Open Door:
I have had quite a few open doors lately as we push for AAC in our districts. We have been laying a foundation for about 3 years for the acceptance and support of the implementation of dynamic devices for eligible students and we are finally seeing some major breakthroughs. I am so thankful that we are beginning to see the floodgates open and students that need these devices get them in their hands. This is making it an especially meaningful Thanksgiving for me. I am working on sharing the steps and approach we followed to get this to happen. I will share it with you and if your AAC program is stalling or floundering, maybe there will be some items we share that will help you get this going too.

I hope you have a great rest of your week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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anne marie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Lon. I am thankful for your knowledge, friendship, kindness and willingness to always share to make things better for every student. You are a gift!