Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote Today and Ask for Free Coffee at A Starbucks Near You

I woke up to a blanket of snow this morning. As I got ready for work I heard on TV that Starbucks was giving away a free coffee just for asking. They were originally going to give it away if you voted, but in Washington State, it was pointed out that federal law prohibits giving goods or services in exchange for voting, so Starbucks is just giving if you ask.
Well, I went in to a Starbucks 30 miles away after driving down the mountain in a snowstorm. I was on my way to a rural high school and go right by one. I went in and asked if they were giving away a free coffee today.
"For what?" they asked.
"Because I heard on TV that if you voted Starbucks would give you a coffee but can't legally so you just ask."
"But what do you say?" they asked.
"Please?" I replied.
"No." the team giggled. I was getting embarrassed.
"Did you do something….?" One of the girls asked.
"I voted." I said
The group behind the counter cheered.
Boy I sure had to work for that one. I said "Yes, but you can't ask that!"
"We didn't ask if you voted. You told us."
Well. Technically they did ask and legally they went against what was the issue I heard on TV, but - oh well. I got my free coffee. So if you want to try today, know going in to say "I voted today and I would like a free coffee" and you should be good to go.
Good luck. I am off to do some AT and hopefully make it easier for others to receive from me today than what I just went through!
All the best to you.


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Patrick Black said...

I voted, and got my free coffee!! Isn't democracy great!

Lon said...