Thursday, December 4, 2008

Don Johnston Shares on Advocacy and Perspectives on Obama Administration's NCLB Reauthorization

Don Johnston Speaks:
Don shares his strategies for student self-advocacy, student reaction to his book, "Building Wings" and changes he sees coming in the re-authorization of NCLB during the upcoming Obama administration.
Don talked of the "double-failure system we have in our school system where students fail in general education and so we place them in special education where they fail again. We bring in AT at the last as an intervention when it should be brought in FIRST.
Listen to our discussion on NCLB and Don's perception of positive change in the re-authorization of NCLB under Obama. He had some interesting things to say...and didn't back down on stepping on any toes!
You can access the full interview here: Don Johnston Interview 12/3/08 It is also on the player on my sidebar.
Access the online free version of "Building Wings" and download the companion teaching materials and reader's theatre script on their website HERE.

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