Thursday, February 7, 2008

Today was a landmark day for me. I was in 3 cities, 5 schools, provided AT services for 6 children, 1 parent, 4 assistants, 3 high school resource teachers, 2 Early Learning Specialists, and 2 elementary teachers. I even bought 3 chocolate chip cookies for a high school life skills class fund raiser. Life is so great when you can help out by eating cookies!

I had a potentially confrontational discussion this morning that turned out beautifully. I left the visit with 2 new colleagues and friends that I am setting up Assistive technology support for.

I had the most incredible training session with a stay-at-home-mom of a CP student. The mom wanted to be trained on how to use Intellitools Classroom Suite at home with her daughter to do writing and math. This family includes 4 other children: 2 in college, 1 in the military, and a 2 year-old. Dad works for Walmart and has found that the best way to help at school is to volunteer hours because Walmart donates $250 to the organization where he volunteers when he serves a certain number of hours (I don’t remember how many - sorry). So that is his “spare time” service - and as the only bread-winner for the family. I tell you folks - these are the unsung heroes!

So what does this have to do with No Limits to Life? Everything. I see positive and dynamic people around me everyday and I have to say that one of the biggest pleasures in my life is to BELIEVE that abundance and fullness surrounds me all day. When I am able to get in a mindset that God, the universe, the creative source - whatever you believe you should call it - wants only the best for me today, and I go out expecting and being thankful for good things, those things become a reality for me. To me, this is the “No Limits Lifestyle.”

What is your lifestyle? Whether you are disabled or not, you have a choice to make. How are you going to live today? You get to choose. Abundance or lack. Failure or success. Grief or joy. Allow yourself to dwell on the blessings that are yours, the things you have to be thankful for. See the positive potential in your situation rather than the worst-case scenario. I am telling you, after practicing that a while and experiencing the changes and blessings in your life you will never go back.

To top off my day, I went to my email to find notification from “Ezine Articles” (see the link in my sidebar). I had submitted my first article a couple of days ago and was hoping it was accepted. I would be on the beginner/basic level. The email said that I had been accepted into the expert category on my first submission and that it would be on the high traffic home page. It was also being syndicated out on their exclusive email to subscribers. I was given the icon on my sidebar to post advertising I was featured in Ezine Articles. So you can see my new “trophy” over there!
Life is good. I am tired from a busy and prosperous day. I wish the best for you and ask that you do yourself a favor - be generous and gentle with yourself. Give yourself some slack and find something great to celebrate in your day. Tap into that “No limits Lifestyle”.
All the best!

You can read the article that was published in Ezine Articles HERE.

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