Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The No Limits to Learning Podcast for Assistive Technology took me awhile but I am finally rolling! I had another great potential interview contact today at the OTAP conference and I decided, "Enough is enough!" I spent this evening getting the first one recorded edited and posted.
This first podcast is an introduction to the line up of guests I have coming in the next few months. I will record tomorrow (today by the time you read it) at the Career Showcase where I will be sharing AT. The topic will be "What Teens know about Assistive Technology". I will try to capture the "essence" of the day for you and get kids talking about disability. It should be interesting.
I also have several vendors of AT software and equipment slated to share - Intellitools Classroom Suite Version 4 and Blink Twice for the Tango - and augmentative communication device. I have several parents that I have invited because they have important things to share on parent advocacy.
You can use the player on the side bar to listen and you can click "subscribe free" at the bottom of the player to get future podcasts automatically. If you click on the podcasts button on the player it will give you a playlist to choose from. Select podcast #1 Introduction.

All the best to you!

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