Monday, February 11, 2008

Screen Magnifiers and Student Testing

Has anybody used something like this? It is a snap-on telescopic screen magnifier for a computer monitor. Since students do standardized tests on an online testing program that doesn't allow external programs to run over it (risks of cheating), visually disabled students can't get the help they need with integrated adaptive software. I have heard that the test can be printed off and the font enlarged, but it becomes an adaptation as well as an accomodation. This causes schools to be penalized on their school improvement report card for average yearly progress (correct me if I am mistaken).
I have had an assessment specialist ask me about these external magnifiers. Our vision specialists have said that they aren't very helpful. If you have used one, please post a comment or email me about it. I would really appreciate it. I will work on a definitive answer on this.


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The link for this magnifier is HERE.

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