Wednesday, April 30, 2008

TBI Interview Gives Tools for Parents and Teachers

If you didn't listen to the interview with Patricia Sublette yesterday on No Limits to Learning Live, you missed some great discussion on working through TBI with families, strategies to help these students and some AT discussions:
We discussed the transition back into school after a brain injury, the physical healing process and then the hard work of getting used to developing new skills for learning. Students come back without a strategy for accomplishing tasks, knowing how to work through and finish tasks, etc.
Strategies for reminding students, presenting tasks lists and AT such as using cell phone features, peer note-taking with One Note software for the tablet PC and even the use of the Nintendo DS were discussed.
We also touched on issues of sports injuries and being informed on protocols for concussion and brain injury. With the spring and summer youth sports such as little league, soccer and swimming seasons as well as camping and outdoor recreation season coming, we need to be aware of the higher incidence for injuries.
Patricia had stated that there are about 1.4 million brain injuries in the U.S. annuallly and that half of them are children between 16 and 21 years of age. Because of the high risk-taking nature of teens and the fact that they can survive head injuries better than older adults, they make up a high percentage.
The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, TBI Publications link has free brochures, wallet cards, posters, DVD education sets, clipboards, etc that you can order to give away. These are great tools to educate coaches, families, young athletes and camp leaders/counselors.
Access the Brain Injury Association of America website and Patricia's TBI Educator site for more information.
The actual site for the No Limits to Learning Live where there are more blog posts, past archives and more links for Patricia are at:
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