Thursday, April 3, 2008

Access Ability: A Blog with Great Information, and other news...

A Positive Accessibilty Blog:

I love it when I get comments and make new friends and discover new resources. Yesterday, Ron Graham left a comment on my No Limits to Life Blog post concerning Colleges and Universities having their Presidents use wheelchairs to get around in and see how accessible their campus is. It is a revelation for them.

I went to Ron's Blog, Access Ability ( great name) and found someone who has a strong belief in having a positive outlook on life to achieve great things. He obviously knows what he is talking about because after being blinded in an auto accident in 1993, Ron went on to earn an AAS (Criminal Justice), BS (Behavior Science), and MA (Clinical Psychology). He has done a lot of work at the University and Community College level in disability support services.
He has some great posts on assistive technology and education as well. Please check him out. I am putting his link on my list on the sidebar.

Our first blog talk radio show went fine:
On another note, We had our Blog Talk Radio Braodcast yesterday and it was a lot of fun. The speech pathologist, Carol, and the student, Taylor, called in on the switchboard and we we had another caller from our OT/PT department call in too. We chatted for awhile and Taylor got to share with his device. When time was up we kept going on the recording even though we thought it was there is a little spontaneous at the end but that is OK. I wish their sound quality was a little higher, but, it sounds like talk radio!

The Tango! Company, Blink Twice, asked for the link and I guess quite a few folks listened in and are excited about the up-coming interview with Richard Ellenson the CEO and Tango Creator. Although it is not official yet, it is looking like we will be doing a 30 minute show with him next Wednesday, April 9th at 10:30 am Pacific Time. The company is as excited about doing this interview with Taylor as we are. I will schedule the segment on the No Limits to Learning Live site as soon as I have a final word that it is a go.

Conferences Coming Up in My Area Next Week:
I have three workshops/ conferences coming up where I am going to squeeze in some recorded interviews for future podcats. I haven't done one for awhile. The guest speakers coming are:

Patricia Sublette Ph.D who is teaching a workshop on Supporting Students with Traumatic Brain Injury. Pat was excited to do an interview this week, but her schedule got jammed up and we couldn't fit it in. One way or another I want you to hear her share and we will have an interview.
Another is Shar Burgoyne, who is here next week to present a day workshop on Electronic Books as Tools for Struggling Readers. Shar is the state-wide trainer of assistive technology for the Oregon Technology Access Program. I am wanting to have her share on Ebooks as well as some ideas for parents and AT users for literacy and access.

Ami Muillenberg and Angela Binning are teaching in the Early Care and Education Conference for the communities in our region. They are presenting strategies and tools for early learners success. Ami and Angela are specialists in Early Childhood Learning and have worked with Head Start and Positive Behavior Support.

So there is the news of what is going on. I am usually the "blur" passing by but it is always nice to sit and visit with you.

All the best to you!


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