Monday, November 19, 2012

The Adapted Stylus: Which One Would You Choose?

The type of stylus used on an iPad or other tablet screen can be crucial for the success of a student trying to write, draw and select areas on a screen. Fine and gross motor issues need to be considered in the process of selecting a stylus for children with orthopedic impairments and there are an array of choices. OT's with Apps ran a nice list of them in a recent post I am linking here: iPad Adaptive Styluses for Individuals with Mobility Impairment. They shared:

A stylus with a long bendable extension:

A stylus with a handle grip:

A stylus adapted on a snorkel mouthpiece to use in the teeth:

...and many more! Links to the places to purchase these and other adapted styluses can be found in the linked post. Think about the access piece for your student The right stylus might open the door to greater success and productivity.
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