Monday, November 5, 2012

Summary of Accessibility Features for iPad in iOS 6

Here is quick summary of the accessibility features for the new iOS 6 on the iPad for those of us who need a short simple summary to have as a reference. Go down the list with the iPad and play with each feature - if you have been putting this off, now is the time!

Accessibility Features on the iPad (iOS 6)
Under settings, scroll down near bottom and tap Accessibility. There are accommodations under Vision, Hearing, Learning, Physical & Motor, and triple click settings with Guided access, Voice-over, etc. Below are descriptions of the features within Accessibility.

  • Voice Over – allows you to touch areas of the screen and hear what is under your fingertips. Allows you to double-tap after hearing to open. 3 finger swipes move to different screens left, right, up and down. Experiment: Try turning on Voice Over and navigate around the iPad, iTunes, web, email, etc. with a blindfold or your eyes closed. Makes for an interesting experience! Under the Voice Over settings there is Typing Feedback which speaks each symbol on the keyboard when you tap it. It also speaks the words in your text you are typing when you tap the sentence.
  • Zoom – Allows you to use a three-fingered tap and drag to access and use zoom feature. Note: If you use zoom feature and try to type with the keyboard you have to slide the keyboard around to see all the keys and you can’t see what you are typing while you type.
  • Large Text – you can set the size of font for your notebook, email and some other features. It does not change the text size within apps like word processing apps, games, etc. It only interfaces with the basic apps that came with the iPad.
  • Invert Colors – Inverts and brightens in certain colors to make it more visible to folks with vision-related issues.
  • Speak Selection – adds a speak function to the copy/paste/select text/select all bar. There are settings within it for speed, dialect (get an Irish, British, Aussie woman’s voice). Has a highlight word feature as well.
  • Speak Auto Text - Here suggested corrections related to the auto-text feature are spoken.
  • Mono Audio – turns off stereo channels
  • Guided Access – a triple-click of the home button opens Guided Access where you can circle areas of the screen to lock out access. Sets with a password so students can get in and turn it off. Note: if you lose password, just hold home and sleep button together for 10 seconds and the iPad will turn off. You can then re-open the iPad and Guided Access and then re-set the password.
Physical and Motor

· Assistive Touch – record and set custom gestures that can be activated from Favorites that allow you to activate/use the iPad. Just for fun...The video above shows how to make a gesture to play Angry Birds which helps in getting down the feature and how it works.

· Home-click Speed – Set speed to default or slow or slowest

Triple Click
· set what the triple-click is used for i.e. Guided Access, Voice Over, Inverting colors, Zoom or assistive touch.

For a full description of the iPad Accessibilty features, go to the Apple Website:

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