Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Percentally, New iPhone App, Collects and Converts Student Performance Data

Percentally Collects Tallies and Converts to Percentages

Percentally is designed in part by an SLP who is also an Assistive Technology Specialist, Eric Sailer. Percentally looks like a promising way to collect tallies on the fly and convert to percentage data and spreadsheets quickly. If you collect intentional switch hits, correct answers or other student responses, this just might do the trick for you. This app is now available in the iTunes app store for $2.99. Eric has written up a post on it on his blog, "Speech-Language Pathology Sharing" along with his video tutorial. You can watch it below:

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johnL said...

Lon, the iPhone open so many great doors for data collection. Not only can one get the counts that you suggest here (and I think those are critical), but also one can get enough video to show that events were included in those counts.

Keep on counting. Frequency is a very important datum.

Lon said...

Thanks for the important reminder John. It is so important to get the data - and I have been using my iPhone to video sessions with students for support and archival material. Thanks for pointing that out - I didn't mention it.