Monday, October 13, 2008

Call for Posts and Links for the Halloween "Mad Scientist" Edition of the AT Blog Carnival

Frankenstein made his monster, the farmer above grew his human-faced pumpkins... What do you "grow" with AT?
The October edition of the Assistive Technology Blog Carnival is on what you create using AT or maybe a "how to" to use AT. Maybe you use AT to support you in your vocation, to write, to do art, create music, produce video, maybe something surprising we wouldn't ever think of.
If you are an educator, maybe you would be able to share a link to a post on what you or others are creating with technology or something that has a use for AT. Artwork, music, poetry, video created with AT would be fun too. Adults or children's projects made using AT would be very cool...
I have 2 submissions/tutorials already from a teacher who shows us how to create some tools and activities that are useful and fun. Let the "Mad scientist" come out in you and share something with us.
If none of that sparks an idea, I thought about this..."What is your most "Scary" story concerning AT. A time it didn't work right, a time someone totally didn't get it and you thought, "That's scary"... I can think of me when I first was introduced to AT and I look back on what I didn't know and I think..."That's SCARY". It is amazing how much I have grown - but I still have a long way to go. And of course, if nothing fits for you, you are welcome to share whatever you like.
Send links to me by Monday, October 27 and I will post them for a fun issue posted on October 31, Halloween Day! Pass the word around and I hope to hear from some of you. I will also include some fun Halloween links for your enjoyment! You could include one of those too...
All the best to you!

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