Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Animated Sign Dictionary Makes a Valuable Resource

While at Closing the Gap I went to a presentation on adapting software tools for the deaf and hard of hearing. Dan Herlihy, of Connective Technology Solutions, the presenter, shared how he used an animated library of words in sign to attach as a dictionary in Kurzweil 3000. He also used it to embed quick clips of words as sign in Intellitools Classroom Suite and Clicker 5.

The dictionary, or library might be a more appropriate term, is produced by Sign Smith Studio from Vcom3D Inc. You can buy individual CD's or the complete library set. They have a science dictionary, a general animated dictionary, an ASL package for the iPhone, iTouch and iTunes, and a studio to put phrases together.

One of the main designers who is deaf himself, was available to answer questions. He showed me a new system they are working on that works on a cell phone or PDA and allows translation by grouping words into phrases It does ASL through the animations as a way of interpretation. This is used on the iPhone tool I think. You can download a free player, a $1.99 sample, and a $29.99 library for the iPhone and iTouch off iTunes now. The link is at the website. I have a screen shot of the offerings on iTunes below.

Take a look at their tools. You can power up curriculum for students that need communication support through sign and make your curriculum come alive.

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