Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reflections from the AT Trenches

I was in my office until 8:30 PM tonight (last night, when you read this) setting up software on a computer to deliver tomorrow morning 60 miles away, then go another 20 miles to lead a half-day in-service on supplemental curriculum and modifications with AT. I am also dropping off 2 AAC devices and visiting 2 high school classrooms along the way. Since I have to turn around and go back to lead another training on print disability tools the next day, I was getting all my materials prepared today, handouts copied and online resources ready.
In the middle of all this preparation, my office phone rang around 8 PM and the voice was from the president of an online parent support group in Georgia. We visited about the syndrome her group deals with - all parents bravely pushing ahead to believe in the best for their loved one. I had emailed months ago and volunteered my services in the way of fielding questions about AT for their members since I have a student in my care with the disability. The president was calling to say they were thrilled to have me contribute. We shared experiences and I found she was a sped teacher as well as a parent. What a wonderful human being she was. I asked if she would be interested in sharing on No Limits 2 Learning Live and she was more than willing, so I will be excited to introduce her to you soon. You will be strengthened and encouraged by her - I know you will.
I hung up the phone and thought about my blog, my talk show, the experiences I am gaining, the wonderful friends I am making and I am grateful tonight for the job that I have. I am so honored to be able to do the things I do for kids and adults. I feel as if my life is taking a quantum leap with all the wonderful things that are develping through the networks here at No Limits to Learning.
I want to thank all of you that read and follow this blog for the wonderful emails, comments and even the phone calls I receive. You always make my day. I usually post information on a new site, a study, a service or a tool, but tonight, (I am writing this the night before it posts) I just wanted to stop and reflect with you. My appointment slots are filling up, I am busy sending out trial equipment and developing new trainings, visiting students and helping teachers implement technology. The school year has kicked into high gear! I am headed into the trenches doesn't get any better than this for me.

I hope you are finding things to be grateful for in your day too.
All the best to you,


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