Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family Center on Technology and Disability: A Treasure-Store of Information

The Family Center on Technology and Disability provides a range of information resources on assistive and instructional technologies. Funded by the U.S. Dept. of Education's Office of Special Education Programs, the site offers an indepth topic-related bi-monthly newsletter. I spent some time looking through the resources and topics on the site and they are very impressive.
The August September issue is on AT and High Incidence Disabilities and the work of Karen Janowski, educator and AT/educational technology consultant who has the EdTechSolutions: Teaching Every Student blog. I have been enjoying reading Karen's writing and the issue from the FCTD was great to discover.
The Family Center site offers an archive of their newsletters on various AT topics. They are packed full of information that will be a great resource for anyone involved with assistive technology. Topics include Universal Design, AT and Families, Preservice Training, Matching child and AT, Accessing Literacy AT, etc.
On their link, "AT Resources" they offer a searchable database where you can check all the topics that apply and get a list of articles and reviews that address the topics you selected. There is a list of AT Organizations, AT Fact Sheets, PowerPoints and Success stories.
The Center provides an annual AT Resource CD with all the published materials at the end of each year by request. There is also an online discussion thread on a topic every few months.
If you haven't explored this site, I would recommend giving it some serious consideration. The resources there are high quality and offers something for everyone.

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