Friday, January 18, 2008

Using a Blog as a Community Builder

It is Friday and I am FINALLY getting a post in this week.
I have had a week where I have been all over the East Oregon Region working with special education specialists, case managers, speech pathologists, autism specialists, occupational therapists, etc.

I just have to say that I am probably one of the most blessed people on the planet to have the opportunity to work with such great people. I have heard their stories and seen the compassion in their eyes, I have listened to them try and come up with new solutions to access issues for kids in the classroom who have staggering challenges. All I can say is, "My hat goes off to you!"

I have been working in my spare time this week on methods to get my blog out into the mainstream more as a source of information and a place to network. I believe there are a lot of professionals, parents and adults with disabilities that could contribute in huge ways to conversations and thoughts I post. My goal is to be committed to post on a regular basis so I am consistent in sharing my day, thoughts, articles I discover new projects of interest, etc.

I am also committed to a new blog on another link, nolimits2life, that is on postitive and motivational principles and assistive technology to overcome disability. The blog is tailored more towards the personal, self-help, vocational and adult rehabilitation area rather than school children and disabilities that are the main focus of this site.

My goal is to have both blogs running so I can haveconversations that are more specific to each area. I also plan on linking to a site that will provide some free content, tutorials, how to's, etc. as well as products for purchase that teach on implementing concepts discussed on the blogs.

I am excited and also a little overwhelmed in the start up of this, but I believe it is a place to start in contributing to the community I am a part of in assistive technology and emotional support for the disabled.

Please go to my other blog and check it out.

Also, pass the word on to your friends and colleagues about these two blogs. Send them the links and ask them to contribute. I am excited to read and respond to comments and get stimulating discussion and networking going.

I envision a support network of folks that can share knowledge, experience and passion for all of us that participate. There are exciting things to come!

All the best to you,


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