Friday, January 25, 2008

A Mentor to Recognize

I was on Google searching for assistive technology blogs a couple of weeks ago and came across one from Brian Friedlander Ph.D. He lives in New Jersey and I credit him with introducing me to the vocation and passion I have today.
Brian taught the assistive technology course for my Masters Degree, Technology in Education from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. He probably doesn't even remember the conversation, but some of us went out to lunch between class sessions and he asked me about what I did. I was working at our Educational Service District doing professional development and technology integration in the classroom at the time.
"Do they know you know about assistive technology?" He asked.
"I don't think so, but I am interested in some of the applications of the software for remedial supports in the general education classroom." I replied.
"Well, I am just warning you. When they figure out you know about AT, it won't be long before you are running that program!" Brian said this with a confidence that surprised me.
Well Brian, you spoke like a prophet and your words did come true! I am in my third year overseeing the AT here in our region of the state. I served on a committee that managed our AT equipment loan program for about 6 months and then was asked to fill a position that had been vacant for a couple of years.
Brian has a unique interest in mind mapping. By graphically illustrating your ideas on paper, you can see patterns and themes to your thoughts and focus on where you want to go. I have been using this more significantly since I began planning to start blogs, work on some materials for free access and for purchase, start up a web site that I am working on to launch soon, and look at personal goals. Using this method and matching it to goals and success principles will have to be another blog entry for another time.
Check out Brian's
Assistive Technology Blog and his Mind Mapping information. It is very intriguing.
Thanks Brian!

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Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D said...

Hi Lon: I enjoyed your recent post- thanks so much for your kind remarks they really made my day! Do keep in touch and continue to spread the word and the great work that you are doing in the area of assistive technology. I will add your blog to my Blogroll. Regards- Brian