Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Smaller Pieces

Christmas is coming. How are you doing? Are you getting overwhelmed with all the tasks on your "to do" list? Between work, family and church/community services does it look like there is no time to focus on goals that really matter to you? Do you look at personal and professional goals you have set and feel there are too many obstacles for them to ever happen? I have a secret for you...
See the chocolate? There is an awfully big chunk over there. But it has been broken into smaller pieces. Have you ever started on a big chunk of chocolate and broken off little pieces to eat until you looked over and it was gone? You probably thought "Oh my! Did I eat all that?"
Our lives get busy and the goals in front of us looks unreachable. Well, it's time to sit down and slow down. Take some special time to break down your goals into smaller pieces. Find a way to set mini-goals or action steps that will draw you closer to your big goal. If you give yourself 2 small tasks a week that will somehow bring you closer to your ultimate destination, think how much you would have accomplished by next summer, and what a sense of accomplishment it would give!
Don't give up on those dreams you have. I have dreams that involve my profession, accomplishments that might seem outlandish and impossible, but I KNOW that they are possible because I have stopped letting the big formidable project scare me. Instead, I am looking at the little pieces and saying "I can do that!"
It is also interesting to note that as I have intentionally put focus on the goal as finished and affirming that it is a done deal - and being grateful for that fact, I have seen events, people and circumstances join to bring the vision closer to reality. The encouragement I receive helps to spur me on. So...
What do you want to do? What would you like to accomplish? I see children every day that have big goals ahead of them - to walk, to communicate, to get what is inside them out to others around them. I get overwhelmed sometimes in the task of trying to help them accomplish these goals, but if I break them down into little pieces I believe that they will become reality.
Well, I say to you, "You can do it too!" Don't give up. Keep dreaming, and focus on the little pieces and before you know it you will have accomplished great things!


Michelle said...

good thoughts!

Beth said...

I love this LON! This is my first visit to your blog! HI!!!