Monday, December 3, 2007

Drawing on the Wall

Today I expanded on several weekly visits where I have been modifying the curriculum and working with 2 challenged students. One is Downs Syndrome and the other CVI. We connected Intellitools Classroom Suite to a Promethean Board. The Promethean Board is like a Smart Board but caters more specifically to education and the classroom with templates and all kinds of activities.
I worked with the SLP and special education specialist to design some writing, reading and dictating activities where the students could design a story and hear it read and watch it animated back to them. The CVI student enjoyed seeing things big where he could manipulate them. He used the wand that was callibrated to the board so he could draw, write letters and drag and drop manipulatives for math.
We had a good time playing with technology today and so did our kids!
Check out the Promethean Board. Check out the latest version of Classroom Suite by Intellitools. The two work great hand in hand!

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